West Coast IPA

A true West Coast style IPA,  loaded with Heirloom English malts and heavy handed use of German and American hops.  Bright, balanced, a citrusy West Coast style IPA that tips it’s hat to both the bittering and the aroma hops.

ABV 7.3%
IBU 90

Traditional German Golden Ale, using all premium German ingredients. A hybrid between an ale and a lager giving it a crisp German flavor with some fruit on the nose from midrange fermentation temps. Straw in color and full malt/hop crispness.  Light and crisp and a TRUE sessionable ale without sacrificing any flavor, it’s the ultimate coastal Krüsher.  

ABV 4.8%
IBU 20

Named after ‘The Big One’ lurking off the Oregon coast, this is the Red to end all Reds.  Perfectly rounded delicious English malt character dominates this traditional ESB. The liberal use of all old school Heirloom Malts brings the UK flavor out, while light hopping balances this brew to bring it right back home to the Pacific NW.  

ABV 5.3%
IBU 30

The “native fruit,” of Oregon,  Marion Berry is as Oregon as it gets.. At a sessionable 4.0% ABV the light notes of the berries come through on the nose, while lying in the background of the traditional Northwest Hefe yeast dominant flavors of banana and clove, with copius amounts of Marionberries providing a light tartness to balance.

ABV 4%
IBU 25
Belgian Pale Ale

100% Belgian malt bill .  East Kent UK Golding hops, used specifically to provide balance to this sweet crisp Belgian.   Balanced perfectly toward the malt side with light sweet banana, clove, and fruit notes.

ABV 7.8%
IBU 25

Traditional Northwest hop character with light marmalade and melon notes from the English Malts.  A touch of Caramel pale malt flavor, and generous bittering hops to balance make this one of the Oregon Coast’s go-to standards.

ABV 5.7%
IBU 50

The Trappist monks created this beer in the late 1900th century and called it “SuperBier”.  The Monks typically labeled the barrels with three X’s, for Tripel strength, and we followed the tradition with our own version.  Higher fermentation temperatures yield fruit notes of peaches and pears, and these notes mask a burly ABV that brings out the Kook in you pretty quickly if you don’t take it easy. 

ABV 9.5%
IBU 85
Named for the crazy, dog hating, twitchy, one eyed, screeching beach crow that terrorized our outside patios for an entire winter, the Stormcrow is a rich blend of dark roasted malts providing the backbone for this lightly hopped toasted stout.  Caramel, chocolate, and coffee notes provide the flavor for this session-able beauty.
ABV 6.8%
IBU 36
We fondly named this one the Belchin’ American, and for good reason.  You’re going to be drinking a lot of these.  This Belgo-American style IPA has all the dry-hopped charm of an IPA, with the sweet nuances of a Belgian-style ale.  Fruit and hops are the stars of the show here and while dry by nature, the fruit esters make this beer seem sweeter than it is.  Sweet sweet Belgian goodness.
ABV 7.0%
IBU 80
A light refreshing Extra Pale standing with one foot squarely in both the Strong Pale Ale and Session IPA camps.  Light, Piney, and dry-hopped with Amarillo Hops for a flowery / citrusy finish.
ABV 5.2%
IBU 50
Seaside is not the easiest of places for Barneys, and the Seaside Barneywine is NOT a beer for the inexperienced beer drinker accustomed to weak, flavorless, corporate beers.  You will get worked over if you don’t keep your sea legs under you while you enjoy this beautiful big BARLEYWINE.   While the hops are most certainly present, this Barleywine is dominated by rich, sweet malt complexities and ocean sized ABV.  Barneys Beware.
ABV 10.8%
IBU 85
The Impassable is named for the treacherous waters at the mouth of the Columbia River Bar, where the Mighty Pacific Ocean wages constant war with the waters of the Columbia River, referred to as the “Graveyard of the Pacific”.  This monster is a dark, smooth, roasted malt bomb, with dark chocolate notes to compliment the violent storms that battle with the North Coast’s two most powerful leviathans.
ABV 10.2%
IBU 60
This silky smooth Porter was made with a coastal vibe and a considerable amount of fresh cold Oregon Coast oysters.   A traditional workingman’s porter,  the smooth silky mouthfeel is derived from the CaCo3 (Calcium Carbonate)   in the shell of the oyster itself. The unique brine from the oysters, mixed with the velvety chocolate nature of the malts, make for a very easy drinking porter with a perfect added touch of Sea Salt courtesy of the world famous cold Oregon Coast waters these perfect little briny bivalves inhabit.
ABV 5.8%
IBU 20
Brewed with a super-smooth light malt profile, rice flakes, dry hopped with fresh ground ginger root (Shōga), and all Japanese Sorachi Ace hops, this delicate beer is designed to compliment sunny warm days on the beach and seafood.  The light spice of the ginger, and lemon notes from the hops combine with the sweet tropical notes from the malts, making for your new favorite beach beer.
ABV 4.5%
IBU 20