We are musicians, surfers, lovers, fighters, gardeners, mechanics, star gazers, dog lovers, tide watchers, loud laughers, fish catchers, and triple dog dare-ers. We also have the best bonfires on the planet. We believe that the only thing in the world better than drinking Oregon brewed craft beer is drinking Oregon Coast brewed craft beer in an awesome place like Seaside.


Seaside, Oregon.  It’s where we brew the beer that reminds you of the most epic bonfires, impossibly green coastal forests, storms that really mean it, perfect summers and wicked winters, and the reason we are all here in the first place, the Ocean.  Not just any ocean… the deepest and largest of all oceans, the Pacific Ocean.  It gives us the cleanest Coastal Range water and the cleanest air anywhere.  Period.  Without it, our beer would be like everyone else’s.  And that would suck.  Fortunately for you, it doesn’t, AND we like to share. 


Our beers are big, beautiful, Northwest style beauties.   Brewed with big malt profiles and classic hop bitterness and hand crafted for perfect balance.  Our Beers start as clean coastal rainwater, filtered down through the forests, forming the streams and rivers that provide the water we use here at the Old Seaside City Jail.

From there, we add select specialty malts, fragrant sun-gorged hops, and the perfect yeast to get the party started, combining all that simple natural goodness to create Beer.  Real Beer.  Magical, Beautiful, Oregon Brewed, Coastal Craft Beer.  

The Food

We have fish. And some things made from Cows. And some things made with Pig and some Chicken things, and some really delicious green vegetable type things that Cows and Pigs and Chickens totally love to eat, (if you aren’t into the whole Cow Pig Chicken Fish thing.) When WE eat all these amazing things we like them to be fresh and clean and local and delicious and really really yummy. We assume that’s how you like it too, so that’s exactly how we make it. Also, we make all these things so that they go really well with beer. Which we also assume you like to be really really yummy. Just like we do. So yeah, we have some seriously good food, without being all serious about it. Seriously. ‘Get in my belly’.


In the Old Seaside City Jail, (completed in 1914)…. the Good, the Bad, and the Unlucky were sent to work on their individual behavioral modification programs … … The building sat vacant and waiting patiently since the 1980’s, until we started our own restoration using all local reclaimed woods and original brick from the building to bring the old girl back to life and now, there is no better place to eat, drink, and be merry, (and to not be incarcerated), than here ….


History of the Old City Jail & Town Hall photo gallery


While our Blog will never get as much attention as our beer, we will try to Blog… and stuff.


We'd rather have a conversation over a beer, but we understand that you can't live at the Pub. If you'd like to get a hold of us please give us a call, or shoot us an email!

851 Broadway

Seaside OR 97138

Email: info@seasidebrewery.com

Phone:  (503) 717-5451